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Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club

BJP School of Dance

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Important Dates for 2022
  • Registration Day: Wednesday 23rd February 2022 4:30 - 6:30pm
  • Classes Resume: Wednesday 9th March 2022- See class timetable
A Fusion of Dance and Sport

Fun, upbeat, pop music is the soundtrack to a sport that fuses dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and even yoga! Our innovative choreography changes annually and is designed for maximum variety and fun.

Physie (also known as Physical Culture) is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility. The benefits for your daughter are increased co-ordination, brain development and confidence.

Physie is a synchronised, team-based sport that’s social and fun and an excellent low impact dance and aerobic activity.


Why do Physie at Bonny Hills?

Bonny Hills offers an experienced mother/daughter teaching team where FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP are a top priority. Physie is a fantastic way for young girls and ladies to develop healthy minds and bodies whilst forming friendships that last a lifetime.

Ann started this club in 2001 with 40 members and an aim to nurture and encourage the special talents of each and every girl. Ashley joined her in teaching in 2005 and over the years the club has grown to have many more members. It has been wonderful to watch girls blossom from shy toddlers to confident young ladies. 

The club has had many successes over the years as well as some disappointments but it continues to grow and prosper because every member strives to do the best that she can, and everyone is rewarded for their efforts.


Class Times & Fees



  • Registration day is Wednesday 23rd February 2022 4:30 - 6:30pm

  • Classes resume Wednesday 9th March

  • BJP registration $99 – BJP is the National Body for Physical Culture, includes music and downloadable practice video of routines. Active kids vouchers can be used to pay this.

  • $50 Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club Registration – covers BJP Champion Girl entry fee, teams entry fee, interclub entries and contribution to club public liability insurance. Family discounts apply.



Fees include 2 lessons per week (Wednesday and Friday), and attendance at both classes is strongly encouraged. A yearly fee is charged and a 5% discount will be offered for fees paid in full by 31st March. Otherwise, instalment arrangements can be made with Miss Ann. Family discounts apply as follows:

  • $350 per year 1st Member

  • $330 per year 2nd Member

  • $310 per year 3rd or more Members

Payment options


  • BJP Registration paid direct to BJP (online registration & payment)

  • Club Registration & Fees by cash or bank transfer

  • We accept both Creative Kids and Active Kids Vouchers

What to wear?


For Classes:

All girls from preschoolers to 16 years must wear a leotard or approved club merchandise to classes, and hair must be neatly tied back. Ladies should wear a leotard or appropriate gym wear.

For Competitions: 

All members intending to compete must wear a BJP leotard or performance wear made by Danz Design. Some second hand leotards are available from the cupboard at the hall, otherwise a new one can be ordered. A catalogue of styles and colours is available around April, and a try-on day is usually held at our hall some time in May.


*** Dress Rules for all competitions will be handed out during the year and will be on display in the Physie cupboard at the hall. ***


Ann Drury

Head Associate

Ann founded Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club in 2001 and is the most experienced teacher in the entire Hastings area.  She has taught all age groups from Preschoolers through to seniors and ladies.  She focuses on fun, friendship and good sportsmanship and you can see a part of Miss Ann in all of her students.
Ann has had many years of success including winning teams, National Grand finalists and even National Placegetters, but her greatest achievement would be running a friendly, family orientated club that has more than doubled in size since it opened, and watching all her girls grow in confidence.


Ashley Sargeson

Head Teacher

Ashley has been doing Physie since age 3.  She has always loved doing Physie, making new friends, competing both individually and in teams, but her real passion is for teaching Physie.  Each year she looks forward to teaching new girls all about Physie and keeping classes fun.
Ashley teaches all age groups from Preschoolers through to seniors and ladies.  She enjoys the fun, laughter and smiles of the junior girls, thrives on her senior girls with the challenge of perfecting their years of experience and really loves encouraging the ladies, both beginner and experienced, to embrace the world of Physie and be confident in their own bodies.  


Lisa Dixon


Lisa has been associated with Bonny Hills Physie Club for over 10 years.  Her two girls started Physie at ages 6 and 4.  Lisa later joined as a lady herself.  She has had many personal successes including representing the club at Nationals on several occasions, and even reaching the National Grand Final.
Lisa started teaching from Preschoolers to 8 years in 2011 and loves helping all the kids perform to the best of their ability, and encourages them to grow in both co-ordination and confidence.

Samantha Cliffe

Assistant Teacher

Samantha started Physie when she was 5 Years old and is still dancing today in the ladies class. Sam says that Physie has helped her grow both as a person and in confidence. She now gets to share the love of her sport with her two young daughters who also love it and enjoy dancing and making new friendships. She is looking forward to helping her daughters and others grown in confidence and achieve new goals.


Natalie Cheers

Assistant Teacher

Natalie has been a member of Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club since she began Physie at the age of 5, under the guidance of Ann Drury and Ashley Sargeson. During this time she has competed individually at both Zone and National level, with her most memorable achievement being performing at the Sydney Opera House in the senior National Grand Final. She has also performed in numerous team events, receiving many great results and making lifelong friends in the process. In 2016, Natalie began teaching with our club- sharing her passion and knowledge of the sport with the younger girls.



Our Bonny Hills Superstars

Junior Stars


National Placegetters:

Chloe Lenehan - 5th Place 2018

National Grand Finalists:

Mikayla Gill - 2004, 2005, 2007
Sallianne Buttsworth - 2005, 2006
Danica Nicola - 2005
Grace Dixon - 2008 
Jazzy Miles - 2013  
Eden Rogers - 2015
Chloe Lenehan - 2017, 2019

Mia Perkins - 2018, 2021

Elise Grein - 2020*, 2021

Madelyn Lenehan - 2021

National Semi Finalists: 

Mikayla Gill - 2003, 2008, 2009
Isabella Courtenay-Morris - 2005
Danica Nicola - 2006
Taylee Eames - 2010, 2012
Ashley Thompson - 2012 
Eden Rogers - 2013
Jazzy Miles - 2014
Amy Clarke - 2014  
Maddison West - 2015
Madelyn Lenehan - 2017, 2019

Alexandra Beattie - 2019

Amelia Hurst - 2020*

Alexandra Ellis - 2020*

Ruby Whitelaw - 2020*

Mia Perkins - 2020*

Maddison West - 2020*

Jayda Norrie - 2020*

Claire Whitelaw - 2020*

National Competitors: 

Shannon Bakic - 2001
Justine Bakic - 2002, 2003
Erin Hennessey - 2003
Sallianne Buttsworth - 2002, 2003, 2004
Mikayla Gill - 2006, 2010, 2011
Ashley Thompson - 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011
Emily Dixon - 2004, 2005, 2007
Danica Nicola - 2007
Isabella Courtenay-Morris - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Taylee Eames - 2006, 2008, 2009
Lauren Wood - 2007, 2008
Kalani Bradbury - 2008, 2009
Grace Dixon - 2010, 2014
Tekirra Kinnaird - 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Natalie Cheers - 2009, 2011
Bronte Hart - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017 
Amy Clarke - 2012, 2013, 2015
Jazzy Miles - 2012, 2015
Amber Nicholas - 2012, 2013
Eden Rogers - 2014, 2016
Ebony Nicholas - 2015
Mia Perkins - 2015, 2017
Maddison West - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Ella Grant - 2017
Isla McNeil - 2017, 2018

Madelyn Lenehan - 2018

Imogen McNeil - 2018, 2019
Natasha Barnett - 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020*
Olivia Morgan - 2017
Laci Garvey - 2017
Lara Novella - 2017
Holly Vanderveer - 2017

Lily Sargeson - 2018

Ruby Whitelaw - 2018, 2019

Alexandra Ellis - 2018, 2019, 2021

Amina Hussain - 2018

Amelia Madden - 2018, 2019

Elise Grein - 2019

Sienna Cliffe - 2020*



Senior & Ladies Stars


National Placegetters:

Sallianne Buttsworth - 3rd Place, 2007 
Heidi Sawyer - 5th Place 2014
Lucie Barrois - 4th Place 2017

Layne White - 2nd Place 2020*, 2nd Place 2021

Katelyn Oppendisano - 5th Place 2020*

Liesl Marden - 5th Place 2020*, 4th Place 2021

National Grand Finalists:

Lisa Dixon - 2008
Sallianne Buttsworth - 2009, 2010
Mikayla Gill - 2012, 2013
Amy Nichols - 2012, 2014
Natalie Cheers - 2014, 2015
Ashley Thompson - 2014, 2015
​Heidi Sawyer - 2015, 2016 
Liesl Marden - 2017, 2018, 2019

Ashleigh Corvetto - 2019

Lucie Barrois - 2019

Melissa Court - 2019, 2020*

Katelyn Oppendisano - 2021

National Semi Finalists:

Sue Willingham - 2004, 2006
Leesa Winter - 2005, 2006
Donna Eames - 2005
Sallianne Buttsworth - 2008
Lisa Dixon - 2009, 2010, 2011
Melissa Hasler - 2010
Jennifer Marshall - 2011, 2012
Ellie Drury - 2012
Emma Siossian - 2012
Heidi Sawyer - 2012, 2013, 2017
Ashley Thompson - 2013
Taylee Eames - 2013, 2014
Yvonne Randall - 2015, 2017
​Ashley Sargeson - 2015
Natalie Cheers - 2016, 2017
Melissa Court - 2017, 2018
Peta Humphries - 2017
​Samantha Cliffe - 2017, 2018

Ashleigh Corvetto - 2018, 2020*

Maddison Sinclair - 2018

Lucie Barrois - 2018, 2020*, 2021

Kristy Hanson - 2018

Simone James - 2019

Emily Rathbone - 2019

Cherie Lenehan - 2021

Jenny Grein - 2021

Nikki Gluyas - 2021



"Thank you for a wonderful year.  You’re amazing!  Our great results are a reflection of your dedication" - The Cheers Family


"As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your child’s confidence and self-expression grow.  Bonny Hills teachers professionally encourage my daughter to fine tune her individual abilities, but also recognise the challenge of a team effort. Combine this way of teaching with a happy, fun environment and it becomes a highlight for any girl of any age!" - A Grateful Parent


"Thank you, Miss Ashley, Miss Lisa, Miss Ann and all of the Bonny Hills Physie girls and ladies, for making this an amazing year of Physie, fun, friends and a bit of fizz fuelled frivolity! Coming back to the club has made me feel alive again in a way I haven’t felt in years, and watching my beautiful daughters grow in strength and maturity is a testimony to what this wonderful sport is all about. I am one very proud mumma and one very proud Physie lady!" - Melissa Court



My eldest daughter and I joined Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club 7 years ago. From day one Ann ​and Ashley along with their assistant associate teachers, were friendly and welcoming and have provided a very professional and structured environment for learning Physie as well as ensuring lots of fun and laughs. My youngest daughter joined Physie 5 years ago as a pre-schooler and shares the same love for the sport. Ann and Ashley provide lots of encouragement and Physie has definitely helped my girls become more confident as well as the fitness aspect and gaining new friends. All of us absolutely love being part of such a wonderful, friendly club.” – Kelly Madden


“As a teenager, I was introduced to the world of Physie and instantly fell in love with the sport. As the years went on life became busy and as a result, I had a seven-year break. In 2017, I decided to join Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club to see if that love for Physie was still there. Sure enough, it was, and it’s all thanks to the wonderfully welcoming and dedicated teachers and volunteers of the Bonny Hills Club. Ash and Anne are such kind-hearted people, fantastic teachers and lovely friends. I really do feel that Bonny Hills is more than just a Club. The Bonny Hills team really take the time to get to know each individual and support them in every way possible. Whether this be getting fitter, making some new friends or reaching a higher goal. I am proud to be able to say I am a part of the Bonny Hills Physie family and love surrounding myself with the club atmosphere week in and week out.” - Emily Robinson


“What I like about Bonny Hills Physie Club is it is fun, you make lots of friends and lots of nice teachers.” – Imogen & Isla McNeil



* Due to Covid-19 competition in 2020 was at state level

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